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We are coming up with a new concept where small time investor ( Starts From INR : 10,000/- Rs. ) on your investment you can earn guaranteed returns from 9% to 10%, Investor ( Starts From INR 1 Lac Plus ) Can earn guaranteed returns of 12%. P.A. And a Project Investor ( Starts From INR : 10 Lac Plus. ) Can earn Guaranteed returns of 18%. P.A. ( More than any Corporate / Bank / F.D ). 
By understanding today’s media industry needs & business we customise Products & Services opportunity for our Client/s, accordingly and plan for good returns in market for our investor’s and maintain our objective designed for future growth Pan India.

Film making & Events is always showed as loss making business… but it’s literally a false thing or rumors spread in market. Just imagine then why still Films are made if ever it was a loss making business in market… Why Events are designed if ever it was a loss making business in market… Friend’s hope you got my point clear. Today everyone is in competition with other big time or new Organiser's / Producers (Any Language Film/Event), everyone is engaged in making their good banners and earn profits thru Films-N-Events. Now things have changed even new Organiser's / Producer's and Director's are competing with real big time Organiser's Producer's and Director's production house. With us your investment are safe as we utilise purely on making a profit making Commercial Feature Film (C.F.F.) & EVENT’s. Annually we keep doing C.F.F./Event by which we keep rolling funds and distribute profits to our investors.

Here’s an example thru how many ways revenue can be generated thru Films-N-Events :
Theater Rights, Satellite Rights, Overseas Rights, Music Rights, DVD Rights, Internet Streaming Revenues, Corporate Advertisement, Government Subsidy, Sponsor, Etc. (Where’s the Loss ???)

Join us to make profit with your investment just Whatsapp your : Name / Age / Area
( For e.g : Vicky / 32 / Andheri-E ) : @ (91) 9821789998.



        Minimum Investment  ≥ 1 Lac plus
        Investor will earn 12% Fix  ( *Plus Bonus )

     Minimum Investment starts from INR-10,000/- ≤ 1 Lac. ( 10k & 50k @ 9% ) ( 50k & 1L @ 10% )
     Investor will get 9% to 10% Fix Annual Returns. ( *Plus Bonus )

  • Earn Guaranteed Returns from 9% to 10% P.A .
  • Investor can choose any One or Multiple types of plan ( B.A + C.P  ).
  • B.A / C.P invested money will get double if kept invested for 3+ years.
  • After 1 year B.A / C.P may withdraw money or Opt to keep for double till 3+ years with earning of fixed/variable percentage as mention above.
  • Locking period will be 1 year for both the above plan.

M/F : M.B.A / Insurance Agents / H.S.C + Students House wives / Working Prof. On Salary OR High Commission.
Role : Have to promote business and search B.A. & C.P. (Part Time / Full Time / Freelance).

*For our upcoming Films-N-Events we need M/F/Kids (No Age Bar) New Face / Fresh / Talented
Whatsapp/E-mail PROFILE with best 3-5 photo only at @ 9821789998 /

*For the above Please Do not Call (DND) Just Message Only :
Message at whatsapp In Format : Full Name : | Age : | Location : | B.A / C.P / B.D.M / Film / Event  ( *Use Form of this page )

( For e.g : Vicky / 32 / Andheri-E / BDM + Film + Event ) ( You can add multiple options from the above in Subject Box if its more than one )
Once we Receive your message then we will Send You Our Payment Procedure ( Bank Details )



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Welcome to the WORLD of FAME where you can IGNITE your PASSION.....

We Always welcome Individual / Group Audition for :

  • Films |Events |Serials | Music Album ( A / V ) | Rock Band | Singer ( M/F ) | Individual Performer (Any)

Join us (In form Choose option "XPLORE") with us in the field of FILM - MUSIC - EVENTS .....

We give you chance to EXPLORE your ABILITY to WORLD.....

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Rousing :

People are always been encouraged & fascinated by the colorful glamours world of Music, Movies and Television. Actor, Actresses, Editors, Cameramen, Script writers, have become important for all of us, because those are the people we desire to be like.

The entertainment industry is ALWAYS on the move for new faces and talent all over the India as well as abroad needs actors,singers,musicians,dancers etc. As a outcome we’re looking for man and women of all ages, kids, teens and adults, as well as people of all race and color.

The entertainment industry is on a revival path and is poised to touch in crores by the year end 2016. Industry dominates the media revenue with more than 43000 crores followed by Films. Bollywood films grossed business more than Rs.1000 crore in last few years. Radio is reaching newer heights too, with Rs. 200 crores spent on ads alone.

With three wings of the entertainment industry shining due to corporate participation, there is a growing demand for fresh talent to fuel its progress further.Prospects were never so good for newcomers as they are today, as they bring with them, new ideas and concepts that could break the monotony of current trend.

When you look at actors, film directors, writers, poets, artist, dancers, and models, they appear like demi gods. But the reality is that they too expel like you started out harboring a dream.... unsure of their abilities.

We are almost impressed by their life style, fame and given an opportunity; we would love to be part of this society & more. Even if you be short of experience, and have never stepped in front of a camera there are thousands of jobs available. Your dream is to one day have a full time career as an actor, model, singer, comedian or musician, or maybe you’re already in the industry and want to take your career to the next level. Whatever your current situation is always 9Xtreme & Co as a syllabus deliberate to meet your requirements.

We offer complete production management and crew services for filmmakers interested in shooting their project in India & other countries.
Be it a film or Video Production, Commercial, Music Video, Corporate Communication, Live Action Event, Concert, Satellite Uplink, NTSC or PAL Edit, Lights, Camera, Cranes, Permissions, Legalities etc. we put everything you need right into your hands, worry free, on time and within your budget. We spend all or our time on your needs.
With our long-term roots here in the Bollywood (Indian Film Industry), we are able to supply you with the best creative, production, and technical personnel in all of the above mentioned countries. Our legal team will take care of all your production needs starting from Studio to Permissions.
We can also arrange for your transportation needs, book you a great hotel room at our preferred rates. Whatever it takes to make your shoot with us more comfortable and creative.
If you have made your budget, we can provide your with an Indian Rupees or American Dollar equivalent estimate for the budget you have already done. We will reflect all cost differences in the relevant categories. As needed, we will also gladly help you complete your budget for shooting your project.

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