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We are coming up with a new unique kind of platform in the fashion industry where we have Title Award Show for all age group M/F - Kids / Teen / Adult / Married from age 4yrs to 45yrs. Where we are looking for fresh face in all the below mentioned title categories.

Life is lived once so don’t miss this lifetime opportunity...
Be a part of this Unique Fascinating Title Award Show where you can give a try to your destiny who knows what you will be next !!!

All Mega Event Titled below are for National & International platforms and entity's Where here will be Award given to the “Winner/s in the Male & Female category as well as the runner up.

Title Award “METRO” will be a way beyond fascinating trip for all age that will take "Entrant's" from plan to perfection help entrant's bring out there factual qualities that is a combination of High Caliber, Acumen and Charisma of Intelligence. Apart from this, the event opens a gigantic gateway of opportunity to all. Selected entrant's may also get a chance in future to work with your desired esteemed organisation in the form of modeling and shoots right from Print Media to Films & Television. In addition to all selected entrant's will receive a certificate of a high eminence & proficient portfolio, not to reveal a prospect to illustrate their talent and personality as this podium will raise and bring a number of established names from the industry mutually.

  • Entry's & Audition For All Titles are open for National & International Country's 
  • Entry/s are Open for now and  will be closed by 31st October-2017.
  • Metro 2017/18 Event Title Round Date/s will be scheduled on website by November-2017.

Benefits : Win a Title Award Show / Earn Crown - Trophy / Participant Certificate / Get prize's from sponsor / Chance to come on Channel. Fresh face can have Chance to work with us in Films & Albums...
Experience Life…

 "Metro-2017" Title Category/s are as follows :

Mr & Miss Metro ( Age : 18 - 30 Yrs ) ( Unmarried Individual only )

Mr & Mrs Metro ( Age : 25 - 45 Yrs ) ( Valid Only for Married & Divorced Individual )

Mr & Miss Teen Metro ( Age : 11 - 17 Yrs ) 

​Junior Metro ( Age : 04 - 06 Yrs & 07 - 10 Yrs )

( Additional 5-Sub Categories : Best Fashion Icon / Best Talent /  Best Photogenic / Best Personality / Best Adorable.

Below are the Title Event For All Age's were individual with different talents can enroll and prove themselves. 

Metro Eyecentric It will be a Photography title event where Pictures Can be click by Professional Camera / Cell-Phone.
Award/s given will be in Category of  : Best SLR-DSLR Photography / Best Mobile Photography / Best Photo-Story / Best Candid Photography.
Metro AD-Xtreme  It's all about Making of Ad-Film by choosing / promoting Existing or New any Commercial product of your choice where Video Can be shoot by Professional Camera or Cell-Phone. 
Metro Cinematic It's all about Making of Short-Film by choosing an Appropriate subject of your choice where Video Can be shoot by Professional Camera or Cell-Phone. ( Short Film Duration Max 10 Min )
Voice Of Metro Award/s given will be in Vocal Category of  : Best Male / Best Female / Best Band. 
( Performance can be given in the form of Solo / Duet / Group / Rock Band )
Boogie Metro It will be a pure Dance Form category where individual can take part in Solo / Couple / Group.

Category/s : SLR / DSLR Photography / Mobile Photography / Photo-Story / Candid Photography / Ad-Film / 
Short Film / Voice of Metro / Boogie Metro ( Dance ).
 For all the above Category/s 
Entry Material have to be couriered or personally delivered to our Address and should be in the Form of CD/DVD/Pen-drive Only. ( With your Full Profile in Detail )

Participant/s can Also/Only Whatsapp but Please No call (DND - Do Not Disturb) on same number : (91) 9821789998
Whatsapp your : Name / Age / Location / Best 3-5 Pics ( Any Type ) ( Portfolio Not Necessary)
With Title Name For eg. ( Vicky / 27 / Mumbai / (PICS) / Mr & Miss Metro / Metro Cinematic / Voice of Metro )
You can choose multiple title name and can also send your entry @ (91) 808-232-9000 Or Fill a Online Form mentioned on same page.
( Help your family & friends to Enter & Win - Limited Entry !!! )


  • For More updates on "METRO-2017/18" Title, Rounds & Dates keep checking our website.
  • Kindly Fill full Form (Online ) if interested.
  • Registration is Free thereafter if selected will have to follow Level i.e Quarter Finale / Semi Finale / Finale Participant
    ( For All the above 3 Round Appropriate Fee will be applicable ). 


  • Free Entry/s.
  • Entry/s can be closed down any time without further notice.
  • SMS / Whatsapp Will be send to selected Entrant as per selection.
  • Jury/s decision will be final decision.
  • So Hurry Don't miss the opportunity to grab this remarkable "FEAT".



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